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Ovanes Israyelyan on artificial intelligence in law

Automation and robotization of business processes are becoming part and parcel of increasingly more industries. Law is no exception either, giving as it does a lot of attention to implementing AI tools and machine learning, with the topic of legal tech taking centre stage.

Ovanes Israyelyan, managing partner at Lawitt Hamilton, shares his thoughts on the issue with the Robogeek portal:

“Technological progress will also lead to a modernized approach to various legal issues facing businesses. A sea change is also on the cards for the way traditional legal work is done today. One can assume, however, that legal cases where the human factor takes the lead and where there are no off-the-shelf solutions or adequate procedures for precedent search available will still require human involvement. There is no doubt in this context, however, that it is technology that will be key to effective handling of business processes.”

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