EU Residence
EU residence - type, form and duration are differ depending on the jurisdiction. However, the main difference is status. EU residence can be temporary or permanent. Temporary visas include visitors, employment and normand visas, while permanent visas include investor visas and long-term visas. They are united by one essential condition - after a certain period of residence you can apply for citizenship of the country of residence through naturalization.

The advantages of EU resident status include the possibility of staying on its territory for a long period and the right to visa-free border crossing within EU. This is a solution that partially guarantees the opening/maintenance of an account in the EU and other jurisdictions.

Despite the fact that most states of the European Union operate under a common legal framework, the procedure for obtaining a residence permit is regulated by national legislation of each individual country. The current legislation of the European Union countries provides several options for obtaining a residence permit, and in order to select the most sufficient one, you should first assess the needs of the applicant, study his plans and analyze the grounds available in a particular state.
Advantages of EU residence

Opportunity of doing business in economically stable conditions;
Obtaining loans with a low interest rate; guarantee of safety of bank assets and personal funds;
Visa-free travel within the EU and countries around the world (provided that the EU country is a member of the Schengen Agreement);
The best education in state and private universities.
Our type of services
Consultation on choosing the optimal country and program for applying for residency
Consultation and assistance in preparing of the necessary set of documents
Support during submission, review and receipt of completed documents
Search, selection and support in the acquisition of an investment property for residency purposes
Management of the investment property
Monitoring compliance with the conditions for granting residence
Consulting and support during changing of residence status
Consulting and support of naturalization based on the results of fulfilling of the necessary conditions for resident settlement
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