Investment Programs
The investment program for obtaining citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus is one of the most popular among people who want to live and work in the European Union.

Investors from all over the world are striving to obtain another citizenship, since they assume that this is a real asset that they can use themselves and pass on to their family members and future generations.

At present, investors and entrepreneurs have new opportunities, since the legal right is to obtain a second passport, if necessary. The main idea behind immigration investment schemes is that by obtaining a second citizenship based on investment, people can get additional benefits in a variety of ways. Firstly, they get a new passport for themselves and their family members. Secondly, which is also important, they can invest in a way that will bring them income in the future.

Obtaining citizenship in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus allows you to get the following benefits:
- You become a member of the EU: you can travel, work, open businesses and live in any EU country;
- You get visa-free entry to 173 countries of the world;
- You have the right to dual citizenship: citizens of the Republic of Cyprus are not prohibited from having citizenship of another country, regardless of whether it was acquired before or after obtaining citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus;
- Wide educational opportunities: citizens of the Republic of Cyprus are granted the right to study at the best European Universities, and tuition charges will be significantly lower than for third-country citizens;
- Opportunities to enjoy tax benefits: citizens of the Republic of Cyprus do not pay taxes if they are not tax residents. In addition, the state provides a favorable tax regime for all types of business. Citizens who are not tax residents are not taxed on dividends and property. LT HAMILTON takes full responsibility for ensuring the process of obtaining citizenship.

We provide the following services:
- Legal support;
- Preparation of documents for obtaining citizenship and full support at all stages;
- Property management.

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